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Youth Hockey the Right Way: Development, Sportsmanship and Fun

The Midland Norsemen Travel Hockey Club is a two-year program to develop 7- and 8-year-old players (formed by birth year) to full-ice hockey and get accustomed to competitive travel hockey. The first year, for 7-year-olds, is an introductory tournament team. Your child will play with their respective Amateur Hockey Association house team with supplemental full-ice practices (roughly 8-10) and 2-3 tournaments. This allows your child to play at house level while learning fundamental skills on full ice, positioning and competitive skating.

For their second year, players will no longer play house hockey and instead play a full season of full-ice travel with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Hockey League (MAYHL). The travel season includes approximately two practices each week with a game (or two) on the weekends plus 3-4 tournaments.

Tryouts are usually held each spring for the upcoming September-March season.


The Midland Norsemen Hockey Club combines skills development with teamwork, sportsmanship and most importantly, fun! We participate in AAU hockey and offer kids the opportunity to augment their house American Development Model (ADM) experience with exposure to full-ice hockey. The ADM model addresses the four domains of sports performance:
1.    Technical – sport skills
2.    Tactical – game IQ
3.    Physical – fitness + athleticism
4.    Psychological – focus and motivation

Coaches focus on overall athlete development through sport specific skills such a station-based practices but also through developing general athleticism and fitness, fundamental movement skills, recovery, nutrition and mental skills.

The goal of Norsemen hockey is to keep costs as affordable as possible for every player. Fundraising efforts are made throughout the season to help offset the cost.

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